How will we support you with your online learning?

As a student of Manchester Metropolitan University, you will receive dedicated support throughout your two year course – no matter where you are based in the world.

We support you in every way

Our student support services encompass a range of tools, communities and advisory facilities to ensure your studies run as smoothly as possible, including:

Study Planners

Our online study and graduation planners help you manage your learning with other commitments. Whether you’re seeking support to balance your work, study and personal life or simply need a nudge in the right direction, our planners can provide useful guidance to help you get the most from your online learning journey.

Careers and Employability Service

Available to students for up to three years after graduation, our Careers and Employability Service offers a host of resources, advice and guidance to help you achieve your career goals. Access our online careers hub for tailored national and international student support, including career mentors that can help with job applications and preparation.

Library Services

We offer library services as well as IT support for all our students. Log in to our online library portal with the log-in details we provide you with at the start of your course, and access and view a wealth of academic material and resources to support your study.

Disability Services

Our advisors within the Disability Service provide disability and learner development support. We aim to provide impartial, high-quality support, guidance, information and advice for students from pre-entry through to graduation. You can also access one-to-one student support tailored for your specific needs, helping make sure you are genuinely supported throughout your studies.

Health and Wellbeing

When your physical or mental wellbeing are neglected, it can be difficult to fully focus on your studies. Our health and wellbeing services include online self-help resources, access to Silvercloud, and access to a range of online programmes designed to help manage mental health. You’ll also have full access to the university’s professionally qualified counsellors and mental health professionals.

The Students Union

The Students Union at Manchester Met has supported student education and wellbeing since the 1920s, helping create a vibrant community feel across the University. As a Global Online student, you can enjoy access to our online clubs, events and societies, speak to our online student representatives, as well as having complementary phone or Skype interviews with our Advice Centre.

Learner Development Team

Our Learner Development Team can help you gain the skills needed for successful, independent study. We offer a wide range of webinar workshops as well as one-to-one appointments to help you get as much out of your studies as possible.

Other student support

Student Success Team

All of our students receive dedicated support in the form of our Student Success Team. After enrolling on one of our courses, you will be assigned with a dedicated Student Success Advisor, who you can turn to for guidance throughout your time with us, as well as rely on for key updates affecting your studies.

Your advisor should remain the same throughout your Global Online studies, becoming a familiar presence that you can turn to for guidance, student support and updates affecting your studies.

Alumni Team

Connect with over 270,000 alumni across more than 130 countries with the help of our alumni team. We encourage graduates from all over the world and across all industries to keep in touch with us and continue to engage with our student community. You can sign up to our network to receive e-news, magazines, invitations to exclusive events and other alumni activities. You could also become an International Alumni Ambassador, representing Manchester Metropolitan University in your home country, volunteering to mentor other students, or providing placements or internships at your company.