Why I chose the online masters in Finance and Strategy

Picture of Dan MSc Finance and Strategy Global Online Student


We caught up with entrepreneur and online MSc Finance and Strategy student Dan to find out what his experience of the course has been like so far. 


Why did you choose the online Finance and Strategy masters course? 

I chose this course as I had previously studied BA (Hons) Business and Management degree where I found both finance and strategy to be my strongest subjects.

I chose to study online as I did not live close enough to a university nor did I have the time resource available.  


How does the course fit around your lifestyle? 

Whilst working full time, this programme allows me to study at my own pace, whenever I find the time, totally adaptable to my lifestyle. Currently, I study once my two children are in bed between 7 and 8pm. The lectures are an hour long and are always recorded, so even if I miss the lecture, I can watch the recording anytime and email any questions to the tutor, which is a real blessing considering my schedule. I study everywhere, on the beach while on holiday, at work or at home. 


How is the course helping your professional career? 

As a small business owner, the skills I learn on the course help me improve myself and how I run my business. I am much more aware of how things should be done, I have a greater understanding of my blue-chip clients, and I am more entrepreneurial than ever before.

The world of finance is a huge industry, yet Manchester Metropolitan University seem to be able to narrow it significantly so anyone can understand, even myself who does not have a financial background. 

Applying these skills to my own company will give my profit and loss sheet a real tangible boost; I have no doubt that this investment will pay for itself over and over for years to come. 


What’s it like having other like-minded professionals on the course? 

We have a great community; we brainstorm, post interesting articles or just chat. It’s great to have others on the course who I can bounce ideas around with.  


What is the support like on the course? 

The support you receive is best in class! Why? Well, you have your own personal student advisor who helps you whenever you need it, on the phone or by email, they are always there. The faculty team are very good at communication; they will respond very quickly and are happy to video call.  


What are your plans on completion of the course? 

I wouldn’t say I am planning to enter the financial industry (although with these skills I could very well do). I plan to use both my strategic and financial skill set to benefit myself through better business.   


What would you say to someone who is interested in an online masters in Finance and Strategy? 

If you are looking for flexibility and a learning platform designed to be online (not just adapted) then I could not recommend Manchester Metropolitan University enough. 

Do not be afraid if you do not have a financial background, that’s okay. The tutors meet all levels of expertise: I did not have a financial background and understood everything via the interactive presentations and discussions during lectures.  

I actually think there is a greater value for money if you are not from a financial background since you have more to learn!


If you’re interested in joining Dan on the online Finance and Strategy masters course, visit the course page today.