What is CIPD accreditation?

Three HR professionals stand and discuss the questions: what is CIPD accreditation and what are the benefits it offer students?

If you’re an HR professional or aspire to be, chances are you’ve heard of the CIPD – but what is it exactly? 

In this FAQ-style blog, we shine a spotlight on all things CIPD – clarifying what it means when a programme is CIPD accredited, what a CIPD qualification is, and how the organisation could have an impact on your career.

What is CIPD?

The CIPD is Europe’s largest professional body for human resources and people development and second only to the SHRM (the US equivalent) (Marchington et al, 2021).

Founded in 1913 and given a Royal Charter in 2000, the CIPD has almost 160,000 members around the world, and it is the only professional body that can grant individual Chartered status to HR and L&D professionals.

Their work includes:

  • setting stringent industry standards
  • supporting careers through CIPD courses and qualifications
  • consulting organisations on ways to improve HR performance
  • conducting research and advising policy makers.

Find out more about the CIPD’s work, purpose and vision.


What does CIPD stand for?

CIPD stands for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.


What is CIPD accreditation?

An official accreditation is awarded to learning providers, universities or courses if the CIPD asserts that they meet its high-quality educational and professional standards.

For example, our Business School at Manchester Metropolitan University is a ‘CIPD Accredited Programme Provider’, which comes with the added benefit that students on our online International Human Resource Management Msc course will be eligible to join the CIPD as student members during their studies.

Upon successful completion of the programme, students’ membership will then be upgraded to CIPD Associate Membership with the opportunity to apply for an upgrade to Chartered Membership*.

Find further information next to ‘CIPD’ on our accreditations page.


What is a CIPD qualification?

There are five CIPD qualifications available.

These are:

  1. Foundation Certificate in People Practice
  2. Associate Diploma in People Management
  3. Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development
  4. Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management
  5. Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development.

Whether you study a certificate or diploma (associate or advanced) is typically based on your current level of experience and training.

The course content for each qualification – and their intended learning outcomes – are informed and underpinned the CIPD’s Profession Map.


What is the CIPD Profession Map?

The Profession Map is a framework created by the CIPD designed to set the international benchmark for HR professionals around the world.

It outlines the sense of purpose, principles, knowledge and behaviours required of outstanding, ethical HR practitioners, and can be used by organisations to identify skills gaps and inform professional development plans for staff at every level.

How to become CIPD qualified

To attain CIPD qualifications you’ll first need to decide which is right for you – a certificate or diploma.

As a general guide:

  • if you want to break into HR or you’re currently in an entry level role, the foundation certificate is a good place to start
  • if you’re an HR manager or aspire to be and want to step up in your career, the associate diploma should provide the relevant training
  • and if you’re looking to secure a senior HR role or are currently in one and want to develop your strategic skills and insights, the advanced diploma would be the right level for you.

Once you’ve decided which qualification you’re going to study, you’ll need to find one of the CIPD’s approved learning centres or accredited universities.

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to be a CIPD member to study a CIPD qualification, but you will be eligible to join and take advantage of the resources, support and networking opportunities this offers.


What are the benefits of a CIPD qualification?

CIPD qualifications provide high-quality HR and L&D training, and are therefore widely respected and recognised by people professionals.

Adding this to your CV will not only demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and best practice, but it will also certify your skills to current and future employers – helping to boost your career prospects and earning potential.

According to jobsite Reed, certified HR assistants earn £10,000 more on average than someone at the same level without the CIPD qualification, and certified HR managers and HR directors can earn upwards of £60,000 as their annual salary.


What is CIPD Chartered Membership?

Chartered Membership is granted by the CIPD to professionals who have demonstrated a high level of expertise in the field of human resource management.

It is the middle tier of the CIPD’s professional membership scheme, above Associate Membership and below Chartered Fellowship.

The CIPD describes Chartered Membership as appropriate for:

People professionals who work strategically and operationally with some complexity, actively driving and managing change to meet your organisation’s needs.

To become a Chartered Member, you can either:

  • complete an advanced diploma
  • complete an experience assessment.

An alternative path is offered at some CIPD accredited institutions, including Manchester Metropolitan University.

As mentioned, graduates of our online, part-time International Human Resource Management Masters automatically become an Associate Member of the CIPD but can apply for an upgrade to Chartered Membership.*

Second only in seniority to a Chartered Fellow, a Chartered Member enjoys a wide range of professional benefits, including:

  • demonstrating to employers that they meet the rigorous requirements of CIPD membership
  • access to a learning and knowledge hub to support continuous professional development
  • access to legal resources for support with employment law
  • opportunities to connect with and learn from other HR and L&D professionals.

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*Please note, additional fees apply to join the CIPD as a member. If graduates of our International Human Resource Management MSc (online) wish to apply to upgrade to Chartered Membership, please be aware that Manchester Metropolitan University is not involved in this process or decision. The decision will be made by the CIPD based on individuals’ career trajectories and evidence.

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