Meet Michael: MSc Sport Business, Management and Policy student

Picture of Michael, MSc Sport Business, Management and Policy Student

We caught up with Michael, a student on our Online MSc Sport Business, Management and Policy course to find out what his experience has been like so far. 

So Michael,  tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I’m currently in my second year of the course while also working as a Performance Coach at Formula One. The job requires me to travel a lot throughout the year which makes it difficult to continue to develop my skills and education.

Why did you choose the course? 

This course was a perfect fit for my current situation as it allows me to study around my busy schedule I chose it because I wanted to increase my knowledge in professional sports outside the scope of performance, and sports management and business is a topic of interest. I aspire to become a Professional Sports Agent within Formula One and Football and feel this degree will put me in the best position moving forward. 

How are you finding the course so far? 

 I set aside two hours every morning dedicated to studying, which keeps me up to date and in line with the module’s progress. This structure personally works for me as I typically schedule work meetings in the afternoons and find my concentration level is higher in the morning. I have just completed my eighth module in Sports Law, submitting my final assessment on repetitive concussion injuries in professional rugby, analysing the applicable law and litigation involved. As such I am finding that the course is giving me a deeper understanding of all sports organisations and how they function as a business which will help me when I decide to branch out from my current field, while also developing my own business and management skills which are helping my current role.  

What is the best thing about the course? 

Interacting with other students and sharing experiences. Although the course is online you are encouraged to work with other students through group work and live seminars. Although we all have similar interests, we all come from different industries, so we bring different perspectives to the modules which aids my understanding while also giving me more insight into other industries. 

If you’re like Michael, currently working in the sport world, and want to deepen your knowledge, head over to our course page to find out more about our online MSc Sport Business, Management and Policy course.