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Meet Tom White, Student Success Manager

As a University, we pride ourselves on our students’ study experience from the moment they enquire about a programme, to enrolment, graduation and beyond. We spoke to Tom White, Student Success Manager, about his vital role supporting Manchester Metropolitan Global Online Students.

Tell us a little bit more about your role
We know that students who choose to study from a distance are often faced with a range of different pressures on their time - from a busy working life to the flexibility that having a family requires - and committing to an online masters can sometimes require a little bit of balancing and a lot of support from those around them. It’s my role to help our students navigate their journeys as Global Online learners - from initial enrolment to graduation, offering on-going advice and guidance from a non-academic perspective.  

What are your responsibilities?
We never want our Global Online students to feel alone, and a big part of my role is to help them feel connected and supported every step of the way.

I offer a  “one-stop-shop” for any non-academic queries;  I’m at the end of the phone or contactable via email from 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday and aim to respond to queries within 24 hours.

Essentially, my role is to cheer my students on from the sidelines, working closely with them from the moment they begin the course. I ensure that they are enrolled on the correct units, they’re on track with their assessments and they don’t miss any key dates, checking in with them at times that suit them best and ensuring that they are on top of their workload.

I’m also there to connect students to useful Manchester Met services that they might need over the course of their time with us - be that our Careers and Employability Service, our Health and Wellbeing Service, Disability Services or our dedicated Learner Development Team.

Finally, throughout the programme I’m on hand if any of our students are struggling to juggle life’s responsibilities with their studies, or if any other issues arise which mean that they need to take a study break, offering them a listening ear and advising them on their next steps.

Why is your job important?
Many of our students have never studied online before and enrolling on a Global Online programme often seems like taking a big step into the unknown. My job is important to help students feel reassured and listened to from the very beginning, offering a dedicated support service that helps them to stay on track and feel at home with their online learning experience.

What do you enjoy most about working for Global Online?
My role is incredibly rewarding and I enjoy every opportunity I have to build relationships with our students across the world and getting to know them personally.

I often feel like I’m experiencing our students’ highs and lows with them - and there’s nothing more rewarding than celebrating a student’s success, eventually helping them to get over the finish line to graduation.

I enjoy connecting students to a wider global network and opening new doors for them, now and in the future. Being part of the Online Learning sector is a real perk too - it has grown so quickly already and still has so much potential to expand and change the educational landscape of the future.

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