Meet the Academic: Dr Anastasia Kynighou, Global Online MSc International Human Resource Management

Dr Anastasia Kynighou, Programme Leader for MSc International Human Resource Management

Dr Anastasia Kynighou is the programme leader for our Global Online MSc International Human Resource Management programme. Here, she tells us more about her academic background, what the Global Online programme means to her and what students can expect from the course.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, particularly in relation to the course?

I have an MSc in Human Resource Management (HRM) and Industrial Relations and a PhD in Business Administration from Alliance Manchester Business School. My doctorate thesis studied the transfer of HR practices within Multinational Corporations in the service sector. I have been an active researcher in International Human Resource Management (IHRM) since the beginning of my career and have taught in a number of different countries, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, Cyprus, Poland, UK, USA and Brazil.

What is your area of academic expertise, and why are you passionate about it?

I am passionate about cross-cultural management and diffusing HRM practices within multinational corporations. HRM fascinates me as it is an area we all experience, no matter where we work in the world, or who we are employed by. In my current role, I am lucky enough to talk to students from all over the globe, who bring with them a variety of different experiences of how people management works in practice from country to country. I also travel extensively to see these practices first hand.

Why should people choose your course? What can they expect?

Our course is one of only a handful of specialist HRM masters that has an international focus. It is a brilliant option for working professionals who are looking to develop the skills they need to further their career on a global stage, without needing to take time out of their role to study. The business links that we’ve worked hard to foster ensure that the curriculum is grounded in the latest industry insight, which, combined with our CIPD accreditation and recent research from our Centre of People and Performance, helps students to build the skills they need to succeed and boost their appeal to potential employers everywhere. Above all, unlike other online learning courses, there’s a real feel of community on the course. This will not only help you to learn from the experiences of other students from across the globe, but also help to ensure that you never feel alone.

What excites you most about teaching on this course?

Because we have students from all around the world on the course, I love being able to discuss the factors that shape HRM in different countries during our interactive online seminars. We delve deeply into how multinational corporations make HRM-related decisions and discuss a variety of different elements of how HR works in practice, including employee engagement, resourcing and talent management. This is something that’s unique to online learning: because our students are often working while they’re studying in a variety of different countries, it means we have a plethora of live case studies that fuel our seminar discussions.

What can students expect to come away with after completing the course?

Students will graduate with a confidence in, and in-depth knowledge of, International HR theory. You’ll also hone your presentation, critical thinking, reporting and analysis skills, giving you everything you need to succeed on a global stage. There are a diverse range of career paths that graduates from this course can pursue across the world – it really is an exciting global sector to be a part of.

To find out more about the programme, visit our MSc International Human Resource Management course page.