Meet Sashien: online MBA graduate

Meet Sashien: online MBA graduate

In this blog, we catch up with online MBA graduate Sashien, an independent business consultant with almost a decade’s worth of experience as an entrepreneur, founder and tech professional specialising in the internet of things, smart houses and buildings.

Here, Sashien tells us why he chose to study online with Manchester Metropolitan University, how he juggled his studies with work and what advice he’d give to people considering an MBA.

Picture of Sashien garduate of the Manchester Met online MBA courseCan you tell us a little bit about yourself and the journey that led you to this online course?

As an entrepreneur and business professional, I was looking to gain more theoretical and practical business knowledge to apply to my business practice and clients.

The online MBA at Manchester Metropolitan University offered a structured approach to learning that was convenient and fit around my busy schedule.

Why was online study appealing?

I’m based in Canada and the time difference between here and the UK meant I could attend classes in the morning before I started work. The ability to study from my location was extremely helpful.

The online programme also offered flexibility to work at my own pace (for the most part). It aligned with my current, day-to-day schedule while also offering the option to review recorded sessions if I was unable to attend live.

Why did you choose Manchester Metropolitan University?

I chose to study with Manchester Metropolitan University as its Business School is triple accredited with great tutors, students and facilities.

A triple accreditation is important as I am based in North America and they value the various accrediting bodies (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA) when evaluating your educational credentials.

What did you like most about the course?

The online MBA is a great, well-rounded course that offers a good variety of units followed by a professional project to summarise and apply all the learnings in a real-word context.

How have you found the support provided from tutors and the Student Success Team?

There’s a great student support and Study Skills team that assisted me and provided guidance where necessary.

Student Success helped greatly with providing information on assessment extensions, and Study Skills assisted with academic writing practices, resources, proof reading and editing guidance.

How have you juggled your studies with other commitments including work?

With a very busy work and personal schedule, I found that time-management tools and routines were essential to manage my MBA programme.

These included scheduling all classes, study time and final assessment prep-work in the calendar, and using the Pomodoro time management technique when working through study items and assessments.

It really allowed me to stay on top of my studies and continue to progress.

How has the course helped you in your job so far?

The course helped to broaden both my theoretical and practical business knowledge and acumen.

I continue to apply the critical analysis and writing skills learned in the MBA programme in my every-day business life, with and for clients, and when conducting research.

In the Strategic Management unit, I learned how the application of particular management techniques and strategies can lead to a more efficient company.

And the Leading Change and Creativity in Organisations unit also revealed further management theories and styles that can be applied to business operations to help redefine the expectations of employees and, again, promote operational efficiency.

Any specific career plans now you have graduated?

I plan to continue my consulting business and assist leading brands with scaling their businesses globally.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying for the course?

The MBA course at Manchester Met has been a challenging yet amazing and invigorating journey.

It is important to stay focused, seek advice from the Student Success Team and lecturers where necessary and enjoy what the course offers: self-discipline, academic challenges, and ongoing learning.

It’s important to remember why you wanted to enrol on the course and keep this in mind throughout your journey.

Remain focused and open to all the learnings you’ll gain.