Meet Pranesh: online MBA graduate

Meet Pranesh: online MBA graduate

We caught up with Pranesh, a recent graduate from our online MBA course to find out more about his decision to study with Manchester Met, how he found juggling studying with work, and the new skills and perspectives his MBA has armed him with. 

Pranesh, can you tell us a little about yourself? 

Meet Pranesh: online MBA graduateAfter attaining my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, followed by a masters in Aerospace Engineering, I started my engineering career working at a heat treatment company in Bedfordshire where I quickly worked my way up to a managerial position.  

In order to round off my understanding of the industry, I then worked for a finance company as an Engineering Advisor in London for a further two years where I gained a different perspective on the industry.  

I then moved to another heat treatment company in Yorkshire where I currently work as a General Manager.  

I always seek personal growth and I knew that an MBA would strengthen my skill set and facilitate progression within my career, allowing me to access more leadership roles.   

Why did you choose to study at Manchester Met?  

Although there were many different universities in the UK offering MBAs, Manchester Met was a clear choice as the course on offer was flexible and caused minimal disruption to my time at work.  

Furthermore, the course attracts a large number of international students which provides great opportunities to network. Hearing the perspectives of overseas students also adds to the depth and content of the course. 

What made you choose to study online rather than on campus? 

I chose to study online so that I could have flexibility between studying and working. This enabled me to work effectively with minimal disruption.  

Studying online meant that I could learn with Manchester Met whilst working and living over 50 miles away. The course was so flexible that, during the pandemic, I experienced no negative impact to my learning. 

How would you describe the quality and style of teaching at Manchester Met? 

The teaching I received at Manchester Met was personal and flexible. It promoted student engagement which made the seminars exciting. Staff were encouraging, always checking in to ensure that I was on track and to facilitate my personal development. I felt that I got to know the tutors well and that they were invested in my success as a student. 

What difference has it made to your career so far? 

In a lot of ways, I see many things that I deal with on a day-to-day basis with fresh eyes now. The MBA has given me the knowledge required to professionally respond to situations and strategise for the future. 

On a personal level, this degree has opened doors for me to build my career and work towards my aspirations.   

What are your career aspirations now you’ve completed your MBA? 

Now that I have completed my MBA, I hope to take on a Managing Director role, with the longer-term goal of working my way towards a CEO position. I can say with absolute certainty that this degree has given me the confidence to move forward in my career. I have gained the knowledge needed to do well in my role and benefit the organisation I work for. 

How much impact did studying have on your day-to-day life? Did you manage to fit it in around your other commitments? 

I found that it was simple to fit studying into my daily schedule and routines. Manchester Met’s MBA programme offers a great deal of flexibility. Deadlines were always realistic and because all lectures were recorded, if I missed anything the first time due to work commitments, I could easily catch up on anything important. 

Furthermore, the Student Success Team did a fantastic job during the orientation and provided regular catch-up calls where any issues could be flagged and dealt with.  

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