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Manchester Met research helps to protect social care workers in Wales

The Welsh Government will take steps to curb zero-hour contracts for home care workers, following research from Manchester Metropolitan University.

The regulations will help thousands of care staff to feel more secure in their employment, while also ensuring those receiving care in their homes experience the best service possible.

The research, which was commissioned by the Welsh Government and carried out by the University’s Centre for Decent Work and Productivity, showed there was a direct link between zero-hours contracts and quality of care people received.

The new regulations will support good employment practices, requiring providers to give domiciliary care workers a choice of contract after a three-month period of employment.

Providers are also required to clearly and transparently set out the amount of time allocated for travel and for care, ensuring the quality and continuity of care is not affected by a need to travel between visits.

Read more about the research and the changes to the regulations here.

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