How could you benefit from course accreditation?

How could you benefit from course accreditation?

Here at Manchester Metropolitan University, we work hard to make sure that our courses offer the highest standard of education available in their respective fields. 

If you spend some time reading through our programme pages, you’ll often see us refer to third-party accreditation as one of the many hallmarks to signify the quality of our courses. 

But what do these extra stamps of approval mean in practice? And how can an accredited Masters degree from Manchester Metropolitan University open the door to even more opportunities after graduation? 

Let’s take a look. 

What is accreditation? 

In the UK, the title of ‘university’ is controlled by law and only bestowed on educational institutions with a reputation for quality. Universities are permitted to award official undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, so if you’re considering a course that offers this, you can be confident that you’re getting a genuine educational outcome recognised around the globe. 

However, not all universities – and not all courses – are created equally. Some institutions are recognised for a particularly high standard of education amongst employers. These courses provide better outcomes and a higher standard of graduates than other universities. For this reason, they are sometimes given official accreditation by third-party organisations. 

If you see the words ‘accredited by’ in one of our course descriptions, it means that an important organisation in that specific industry has given this course their seal of approval. 

Why is it so important? 

Only courses that offer up-to-date course curriculums, research-led innovations and industry-focused learning outcomes are awarded accreditation by third-party organisations. Out of the thousands of courses that might be available in your profession, quite often only a handful are awarded this kind of approval. This means that, when searching for the best talent in their industry, employers are more likely to turn to accredited providers for newly graduated prospects. 

In some cases, accreditation bodies also create networking opportunities for students and graduates, and in most cases, graduates from an accredited course are automatically awarded membership of the partner organisation. For example, students on an AMBA accredited course graduate with AMBA Membership status, giving them access to proprietary job portals, networking events and careers support from the AMBA. 

Who accredits programmes? 

Courses here at Manchester Metropolitan University are accredited by a range of institutions unique to each industry. Each partner organisation offers different levels of opportunities and support to our graduates. Take a look below to see the kinds of organisations that have partnered with us. 

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 

The  Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is the professional body for Human Resources and people development. There are over 145,000 members internationally – working in HR, learning and development, people management and consulting across private businesses and organisations in the public and voluntary sectors. 

Manchester Met Business School is a CIPD Approved Centre. This means that students enrolling on our HRM undergraduate and postgraduate courses are eligible to join the CIPD as student members. 

On successful completion of our HR programmes, students will benefit from graduating with an internationally recognised qualification and will also be eligible for consideration for CIPD membership. CIPD approved qualifications are highly valued and widely accepted as a requirement of practice by employers throughout the UK and increasingly abroad.
Staff from across the Faculty are also engaged with the CIPD through our Centre for People and Performance and are actively involved through membership, fellowship, research and consultancy. 

The Association of MBAs 

The Association of MBAs is the global kite mark for high quality MBAs and postgraduate qualifications. The Association fosters innovation in curriculum, teaching and student experience to global standards. 

Our MBA programmes are fully accredited by AMBA which means they have been rigorously assessed to ensure the quality of the teaching on our MBA is of the highest quality. The accreditation also means that Manchester Met MBA graduates have access to the North West AMBA alumni network, providing excellent networking opportunities with other MBA alumni across the region. To find out more about our AMBA accredited MBA, visit the course page. 

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business 

Manchester Metropolitan Business School is an accredited member of AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. As the world’s largest business education alliance, AACSB International connects educators, students, and business to achieve a common goal: to create the next generation of great leaders. This places us among a global group of business schools who have gained this accreditation, of which there are only currently 35 accredited schools of its kind in the UK* and means your degree is internationally recognised. 

Manchester Met Business School has held AACSB accreditation since March 2016. 

The standards of education delivered at Manchester Met Business School have been rigorously assessed, approved and accredited by AACSB International. This means that the level of education you receive is of the highest quality, shared with an elite group of business schools worldwide who hold this accreditation. 

Graduates from AACSB-accredited school are highly skilled and are more attractive to employers than those from other non-accredited schools. Each year, we have over 1,500 students graduate from our business programmes and enter the professions or undertake further study. 


Manchester Metropolitan Business School is an accredited member of EQUIS – European Quality Improvement System. EQUIS accreditation is the most comprehensive accreditation system for business and management schools. EQUIS accreditation means that our School has gone through a rigorous quality control, benchmarking against international standards in terms of governance, programmes, students, faculty, research, internationalisation, ethics, responsibility and sustainability, as well as engagement with the world of practice. 

Manchester Met Business School has held EQUIS accreditation since December 2019. This achievement means that the School joins an elite group of business schools recognised internationally by; potential students, faculty, employers, corporate clients and the media, often being a pre-requisite for entry to rankings. 

Triple Accredited Business School 

This achievement also means that our business school is now triple accredited, concurrently holding prestigious accreditations from EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. The awarding of these three accreditations places us in an elite global group of business schools, who are among the best in the world. These accreditations are also testament to our high standards of teaching and research. 

To learn more about the benefits of our individual courses, explore our Global Online course pages. 


*AACSB accredited UK Universities as of February 2018.