How could studying a masters degree online help me to transform my career?

how will a master's degree benefit me

According to the Higher Education Academy*, 67 per cent of postgraduate students choose to undertake a masters degree to progress in their current career path, with 41 per cent also looking to improve their employment prospects.

Indeed, statistics from the  Department for Education prove that upon graduation, students’ dreams for their career are often a reality: postgraduates are 11.1 per cent more likely to be in high-skilled employment (professional or managerial roles) than graduates and earn an average of £6,000 per annum more than their undergraduate counterparts.

One thing is clear: postgraduate degrees are held in high regard.

However, taking the decision to enrol on a masters course might seem daunting. Studying can be intense, especially when juggling a busy work and personal life, and it can also come with significant financial investment. Plus, if you decide to undertake an online course having never studied via distance learning before, it can seem like a big step into the unknown.

But at Manchester Metropolitan University Global Online, we endeavour to make sure that it’s an investment that pays off. Here’s how:

1. You’ll develop the skills you need to succeed

As a Global Online masters student, you’ll benefit from the same excellent teaching you’d expect from one of our on-campus courses, helping you to develop the leadership-level skills you need to take your career to the next level. You’ll learn from academics who have years of industry experience and are dedicated to conducting research that makes a significant impact on the world around them. Plus, a number of our online courses have achieved accreditation by third-party institutions, a hallmark of quality which can open the door to even more opportunities after graduation. All of this leads to a range of courses that have been designed to give you the confidence, and the skillset, you need to grow your career.

As Richard, a current Global Online masters student explains:

“I decided to undertake a postgraduate degree because I wanted to boost my existing finance qualifications to showcase my business experience. My masters has made me feel more confident and more able to think strategically. I now feel like I’ve got a whole toolkit of possibilities, so I can look at a situation and choose the right tools to build a solution. I’ve recently secured my dream job…my masters course has been a big contributory factor to my success.”

2. You’ll be able to continue working while you learn

One of the biggest benefits of online study is its flexibility. You’ll be able to study part-time around your existing commitments, meaning you’ll be able to achieve a masters degree in as little as two years while continuing to earn – making a difference when it comes to funding your studies. You’ll also be encouraged to draw on your experience and complete ‘real world’ workplace projects throughout your masters. This focus on vocational assessment means you’ll apply what you learn to real life straight away. This could have an immediate impact on your organisation, helping you to stand out when it comes to securing an internal promotion or strengthening your CV when it comes to clinching a sought-after external role.

3. You’ll open your eyes to new perspectives and grow your global network

In today’s interconnected global community, having the values, skills and knowledge to contribute to our global economy and work, create and collaborate with people from different cultures is a key skill that many employers look for. When you study with us, you’ll join a vibrant global community, made up of people like you living in nearly 40 different countries around the world, from Angola to Zimbabwe.  You’ll collaborate regularly with your fellow students through group projects and virtual debates in our state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunities to discover new perspectives, share experiences and grow your worldwide network.

Indeed, this is an element of online study Richard has enjoyed the most:

“Other students have helped me to think critically and to open my eyes to different perspectives. Students from different backgrounds, industries, countries, regions; they all have very different views on what might look like a really straight forward subject. Studying online has really taken the blinkers off and made my perspective of the world wider. I’ve made some really good connections on the course”

Are you ready to see where online learning could take your career?