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5 October

What can I do with a Sport Management degree?

Discover five rewarding sports management careers open to graduates, plus information on average salaries, responsibilities and skills needed.

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20 July

What is Sports Management?

What is sports management exactly? Read our guide to learn more about the industry, sport management careers and how to score a job in this…

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3 September

Five skills needed for Sport Management

New technologies, big data, a changing media landscape and social and cultural movements are causing seismic shifts in the sporting world.

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8 October

Meet Michael: MSc Sport Business, Management and Policy student

I'm currently in my second year of the course while also working as a Performance Coach at Formula One. This course was a perfect fit for my current situation.

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9 September

Meet Jack: MSc Sport Business, Management and Policy student

Because of what I’ve studied so far, I’m in a much better position to advise the Kenyan sports bodies, local and national governments.

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10 July

The future of sport in a post COVID-19 world

Covid-19 has undoubtedly rocked the world of sport, but will it bounce back post pandemic, or has it changed forever? Here, we explore the future…

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9 August

How could studying a masters degree online help me to transform my career?

Postgraduate degrees are held in high regard. However, taking the decision to enrol on a masters course might seem daunting.

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23 March

Building a dream career: discover Richard’s online learning story

Richard got in touch with us recently to tell us some fantastic news: he has just secured his dream job.

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3 March

How could you benefit from course accreditation?

What does accreditation mean? And how can it impact on the quality of your course? Discover more about what these hallmarks of quality mean.

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18 July

Volunteers will transform the future of Golf, new research says

A diverse and motivated volunteer base is influencing the future direction of Golf in England according to researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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