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12 May

Married employees are happier working from home reveals Manchester Met research

Surveys have shown that working from home has made some workers happier and more productive.

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13 April

How best to support small businesses with their HR challenges

Small employers are key to the economy. Yet, the challenges they face are as big as the those for their larger counterparts.

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18 March

Manchester Metropolitan Business School shortlisted for UK education award

Our Business School’s strong networks with employers have been recognised by the Educate North Awards.

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12 March

Are poor line managers to blame for our lack of female business leaders?

Can we blame poor line management for inequality at the highest levels of business? We discuss.

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1 March

Could online study help reduce the impact of Brexit on UK universities?

In the face of uncertainty about the impact of Brexit on EU student fees and visas, could online learning be the answer?

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