26 July

What can you do with a masters in Finance?

What roles are available to masters in finance graduates and is an online finance degree worth it? Explore the opportunities an MSc can open…

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20 July

What is Sports Management?

What is sports management exactly? Read our guide to learn more about the industry, sport management careers and how to score a job in this…

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31 May

What are the major challenges of International HRM in 2022?

2022 marks another year of turbulence in the world of International HRM. Discover the 5 biggest challenges facing the sector and how professionals can overcome…

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4 May

MBA or masters in finance – which is right for me?

So, you want to become a leader in finance. A postgraduate degree could arm you with the skills you need, but which is right for…

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26 April

Meet Pranesh: online MBA graduate

We caught up with Pranesh, a recent graduate from our online MBA course to find out more about his decision to study with Manchester…

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10 March

Meet Tanzeem: Student Success Information Advisor

We have a number of people available to help you through your online studies. Meet Tanzeem - a Student Success Information Advisor.

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6 December

What are the best practices in talent management?

Attracting, developing and maintaining talented staff is critical for an organisation to run effectively, and following the best practices in talent management can help busy HR professionals achieve this.  

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3 September

Five skills needed for Sport Management

New technologies, big data, a changing media landscape and social and cultural movements are causing seismic shifts in the sporting world.

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30 June

Insects for breakfast – is this the future of food?

Food demand is expected to increase substantially by 2050 due to an expected global population of 9.1 billion.

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7 April

Veganuary and beyond: Supporting future food sustainability

While eliminating meat and dairy products from your diet may not work there are other ways to secure a sustainable food system.

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