Career Opportunities after a Masters

Manchester Metropolitan University’s innovative suite of Global Online programmes are designed to give individuals the knowledge, skills and abilities required to swiftly progress their careers.

Delivered 100% online by leading academics in their fields, our courses address and discuss real-world issues and topics from local, national and international viewpoints. This ensures students develop the deep industry understanding that employers look for in their future leaders.

Growing your career

One of the most commonly asked questions about further education is: “is a masters worth it?” At Manchester Metropolitan, we emphatically believe that the answer is yes. All our Global Online courses are designed to create innovative thinkers who are experts in their field, and who have the skills and breadth of knowledge needed to lead and create change.

Expert-led teaching

From theory to practice, our courses are taught 100% online by a team of industry and academic experts who, alongside other Manchester Metropolitan staff, provide continued support throughout our learners’ studies.

Global collaboration

You will get the chance to collaborate with fellow students around the world. This means you will have the opportunity to learn and share experiences with like-minded business professionals, gaining new perspectives and tackling challenging industry issues.

Flexible learning

One of the benefits of an MBA and our other Global Online courses is that they are undertaken entirely online. This will ensure you have the flexibility to balance your learning with existing work and personal commitments.

Professional benefits for organisations

For employers, offering our 100% online courses could be the key to retaining top talent and bolstering your workforce. Introducing them into your business could provide your employees with the encouragement and knowledge they need to succeed. Plus our flexible study options will allow your employees to benefit from, and enjoy, the learning experience without having to take time away from work, minimising disruption to the operations of your business.

Some other key benefits to organisations include:

Showcasing the value of your employees

In providing your employees with the opportunity to learn, grow, evolve and expand, you prove your commitment to their future development and your belief in their continued growth. Investing in one of our programmes can therefore help contribute to your employee satisfaction and, in turn, retention rates. With upskilled, reliable employees that enjoy coming into work every day, your business can save on the cost of continual recruitment drives and the training of new staff.

Addressing any skills gaps

Our courses will help you to address any skills gaps that you currently have in your business, arming you with a talented workforce who possess the right tools and information needed to achieve your organisational goals. All of our courses incorporate a variety of learning and assessment methods, giving students the chance to complete project work, research tasks and dissertations, as well as share knowledge with one another. Through these tasks, we dramatically enhance their knowledge base and ability to respond intelligently and innovatively to industry challenges.

Contextual, business-focused learning

Our flexible course design means that students’ assignments and project work can be contextualised to fit their current role and organisation. Before or during the course, you and your employees can mutually agree areas of research that they may wish to focus on, which will help to ensure that they receive more relevant training and develop a deep insight that Is pertinent to your business. This will have an immediate, positive impact on their work and increase the effectiveness of your organisation as a whole.

Global Online Courses at Manchester Metropolitan University